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Synergy on Android

PengLiang posted @ 2011年7月01日 21:39 in Android , 8157 阅读

If you don't know Synergy, please go to to learn what is it.

Our projet is on sourceforge site:

This is the introduction for the latest deveping version, you can get the source code by

    #svn co synergyandroid

You can also get the trunk source tree

    #svn co synergyandroid

But I suggest you checkout my branch, beause running the trunk tree is a little compicated,

and my branch will be merged into trunk soon.

ps: if you found a syntax/spelling error in this article, please let me know~




SynergyAndroid is a port of the synergy client to the Android platform.

See for detail. Currently in the planning stage.

New developers are very welcome to join in.


Now, we don't depend on /de/uinput module, instead with /dev/input/event0,

but still need root permission to access /dev/input/event0.

So you just need changing the permission of /dev/input/event0.

  #adb shell chmod 666 /dev/input/event0

Attention: It was just tested in emulator, maybe not working on real device.

           If there is only event0 file in /dev/input/ folder on your device,

           and no other event* files exist, it should be work. So check it:

  #adb shell ls /dev/input/
Building the project

SynergyAndroid use the jni to access the /dev/uinput module, so you must

compile the jni source by NDK firstly. And then you can directly build and debug the project in eclipse.
    #./ <NDK Base>

then just build the whole project in eclipse.


Reminder: you should build the jni source first  and #adb shell chmod 666 /dev/input/event0

Then you can:

1. just run the project in eclipse or

2. install the PROJECT_PATH/bin/Synergy.apk to emulator/device.

      #adb install PROJECT_PATH/bin/Synergy.apk



1. can't see mouse cursor on the screen.

CJ 说:
2012年10月09日 04:05


I wqs wondering if you could make a more clear tutorial. I tried runing the chmod command and got inconclusive results. And when I got to the .jni complining, I got lost. I dont know how to compile jni files. Can you please make an explicit step by step tutorial on how to start with a rooted android phone with acess to /dev/input/event0 and end up with a synergy client running?

Michel 说:
2012年11月22日 03:02

When do you plan for integrating in the trunk? I really would like to see a released `/dev/input/event0` version.

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